New Blog!!

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My Blog has a new home...

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I have been out of the blogging scene for a few weeks.  I apologize, but I've been busy traveling and building a new and improved blog for your viewing experience.  I want to say thank you for everyone who keeps up with my work and has encouraged me along the way.  The new blog is at:

Aron's Music Video

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It's good to be back in Nashville after about two weeks of traveling out west.  I'll  be blogging more about that trip in the days to come but wanted to share a music video that I shot for my brother Aron on our adventure out west.  This is the first music video I have ever shot.  It takes a lot more planning than I anticipated.  I definitely over shot everything because I knew we wouldn't be going back out to California to reshoot.  I took about an hour of footage to create what you see below.  For any of you photographers that might care, I shot this with a Nikon d7000 mainly using a 35mm prime lens.  Make sure to watch the video in HD.

For Free Downloads of Aron's music click here.

First time at WPPI

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I was gone the past two weeks and it all started because of a little conference called WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) that was held in Sin City, Nevada, aka Las Vegas.  WPPI is a combination of a trade show and conference where the best companies come to show their new products and the best photographers in the wedding/portrait business come to share their secrets.  The trade show was a bit overwhelming at times with so many products and so many wide-eyed photographers, but I found some great new products and some awesome albums that I may start incorporating into my product line.

I sat in with several speakers but one that really stuck with me is Louis Pang.  He is a hilarious and awesome photographer based out of Malaysia.  The focus of his talk was Guerilla lighting which basically boils down to being able to use small speed lights to light on the spot with all the different scenarios we encounter in the wedding photography biz.  You should check out his blog post on the talk he gave at WPPI.

Getting Up Close - Using a Macro Lens

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Couples spend months and sometimes years picking out all the details for their wedding day.  Time, energy, and thought has been spent planning out details as large as the Cathedral for the ceremony and as small as the cuff links of the groom.  As a photographer and story teller, I have to be able to capture it all.  One of the tools in my bag that helps me do this is my 60mm macro lens.  This lens has continuous focus from infinity to life-size, which means it has a focusing ratio of 1:1, which means you can get super duper close to your subject and still focus.  I always try to use the couples rings to incorporate some of the decorations and theme into the photograph.  Here are some examples:

JJW_9281 - Version 2
AnE 1187

Photo Title "Love Makes me Sick."

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One of the couples I worked with recently asked me, "Do you ever get tired of the lovey dovey stuff?"  I replied, "If I didn't like that stuff I would have to change jobs."  Getting to be around couples that are in love is one of the best parts of my job.  This lady, however, does not feel the same....

JJW_1108 - Version 2

Hannah + Jeremy + The KiddOs

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I don't get to spend a lot of time around kids so I always have a blast when people bring the kids along for their engagement shoots.  Hannah and Jeremy are so in love and just a lot of fun to be around.  We started the shoot at Steeplechase and then headed downtown for the end of the shoot.

JJW_0349 - Version 2
JJW_0431 - Version 2
JJW_0619 - Version 2

Check out the Blue Steele poses everyone had been working on.

JJW_0760 - Version 2
JJW_0774 - Version 2
JJW_0903 - Version 2
JJW_0951 - Version 2
JJW_1080 - Version 2

Jill + Logan's Wedding Film

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I wanted to share Jill and Logan's wedding film from the super nice and amazingly creative Jake Morgan at Magnolia Productions.  You should watch the video and check out more of his work at

Jill & Logan from Jake Morgan on Vimeo.