End Year Resolution

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In college I would occasionally try to write papers a few days before they were due.  I was never successful.  Something about the time pressure of writing it the night before it was due helped me turn my brain on and crank it out.  I'm sure that most of you, like myself, have failed at many New Years resolutions in the past.  I actually can't recall any that I have followed through on.  I started to wonder if it was because I felt like I had the whole year to do it.  This time around I decided I would do a End of the Year Resolution.  Before the end of the year, I would start taking some steps to create discipline in my spiritual life. Reading. Writing. Prayer.  I love it when God reveals himself in a burning bush or comes to earth as a carpenter, but the reality of my spiritual life has been that God most often reveals himself to me in the small moments of my day.  Reading scripture, journalling, and praying reminds me that God is present and active in all parts of my life and provides opportunities for him to reveal himself to me.  If you are one of those last-minute-paper-writers like myself you might be interested in using the last few days of the year to make your own End of the Year Resolution.


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