Ashley + Erik - Nashville Wedding

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I was so excited to be starting off the year with such an awesome couple.  Ashley and Erik are so in love and fun to be around which always makes for great photos and a fantastic wedding day.  They got married on 1-1-11 at the Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville.  Both of them are architects so they have a true appreciation of the Hermitage Hotels design and beauty...even the bathrooms.  I was a little surprised at first when they mentioned they wanted to take photos in the bathroom, but I always love it when couples have ideas for photos so I was totally down with a bathroom photo shoot.  It made a lot more sense once we walked into the bathroom and I saw the design, color, and details put into it.  I hadn't been to the Hermitage since Lacy and I stayed there on our wedding night.  It was a beautiful place to have a wedding and I hope I get to shoot there again in the near future.  Congrats to you Ashley and Erik!

If you were at the wedding and want to experience the awesomeness of free downloads you can go to:

AshErik 002
AshErik 003
AshErik 004
AshErik 005
AshErik 007
AshErik 011
AshErik 017
AshErik 013
AshErik 019
AshErik 021
AshErik 022
AshErik 024
AshErik 027
AshErik 026
AshErik 029
AshErik 032
AshErik 034
AshErik 037
AshErik 039
AshErik 040
AshErik 041
AshErik 046
AshErik 049

It started to rain on us as we were wrapping things up but luckily Max had grabbed an umbrella from the hotel.

AshErik 056
AshErik 058
AshErik 059
AshErik 061
AshErik 062
AshErik 064
AshErik 066

This is the famous bathroom.

AshErik 067
AshErik 091
AshErik 076
AshErik 080
AshErik 083
AshErik 084
AshErik 087
AshErik 092
AshErik 094
AshErik 096

Ashley and Erik had a really cool guest book where you took a 'polaroid' and stuck it in the book with your message.

AshErik 102
AshErik 103
AshErik 104
AshErik 117
AshErik 071
AshErik 073
AshErik 107
AshErik 106
AshErik 108
AshErik 069
AshErik 070
AshErik 110
AshErik 109
AshErik 111
AshErik 115
AshErik 114
AshErik 116

Check out these sweet cuff links that she got for Erik.  They have the Yale University crest on them.

AshErik 120
AshErik 122
AshErik 126
AshErik 123
AshErik 124
AshErik 127
AshErik 132
AshErik 133
AshErik 134
AshErik 135
AshErik 136
AshErik 138
AshErik 139


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